Programs & Curriculum

Preschool Program

Establishing and following a daily routine is very important for young children. The daily routines is one of the first things children learn about their Center classroom. Each classroom's schedule which includes indiviual teacher's arrival and departure times, meal times, group times, naptime, and play schedules) is posted in each classroom on their Parent Board.

Curriculum Planning

The Child Care Center of Evanston utilizes Creative Curriculum GOLD and Creative Curriculum for PreschoolTM . Each classroom teaching team is responsible for weekly planning of classroom activities. Weekly team meetings include lesson planning, classroom activities and goals. Teachers follow the interests of the children to guide in their planning so the learning is relevant as well as developmentally appropriate. A copy of each classroom's lesson plan is posted on the parent board.

Components of the Daily Routine

Group time is a time for discussions and other teacher directed activites. Listening and verbal skills are emphasized, as well as group participation and cooperation. This can also be a time for changes in routines, curriculum themes and ideas and presented and discussed or stories may be read. This can also be a time to play group games, sing songs and introduce concept skills such as colors, shapes or letter recognition. Each classroom has several short group times throughout the day: one large group in the morning, another group time just before or after lunch and another large group time in the afternoon.

Indoor playtime or work time is semi-structured, encouraging each child to explore and discover, to make decisions, to develop concentration, self-confidence and cooperation within a small group and to practice specific skills. Teachers make available enough toys and learning materials to provide children with a choice, but not so many as to confuse, overwhelm, or cause chaos. Children are encouraged to help clean up an area before moving on to something else.  Teachers interact in a meaningful way with children, while providing individual attention and assistance when needed.

Indoor gross motor playtime is scheduled (30 minutes every day) for every classroom. A climber, steps, mats and blocks are available for gross motor activity. There is also a quiet area for children to rest and relax in. 

Naptime lasts for a maximum of 2 hours, from 1:00 - 3:00. All children are expected to rest quietly for the first hour of naptime. Each child has his/her own cot, sheet and blanket provided by the Child Care Center. Children may bring blankets from home.